Tick tock!

Leo closed his eyes and felt every nerve in him settle. He had seen her, and could still smell her perfume. Was that how she knew of love? Was it her way of loving him by using sex as a form of reward or apology for not communicating with hm for three weeks? Weren’t women the ones who communicated their feelings more than men? How come Melissa thought that she could use his desire for her to get him to act as though he was fine with her silent treatment?

His life was complicated already but Melissa had struck not just a nerve but his whole nervous system. He couldn’t think of any other woman having been with her.
He could also not imagine her with another man, but he knew he did the right thing.

He could be uncertain, but there was nothing as unseemly as a woman who was uncertain. Melissa needed time to appreciate herself and though he knew she was a great person, he couldn’t do anything about it but break up with her.

Eddie would take him out and buy him drinks to celebrate his break-up. They would get to work and complete their projects and she would still be there on his mind…tick tock…ticking like a clock that never ceases to tell him of how little time he has left.

Feel the Love

Melissa walked to Leo’s apartment hoping to catch up with him. She had been too busy with her own issues and knew she had to make up for the silent treatment. She adjusted her blouse and looked around as she slightly cupped her breasts. She walked to his door ready to award him for working hard.
The door swung open after she knocked twice revealing Leo in shorts without his glasses, and a cup of milk in his hand.

Melissa stepped in and kissed him then replied, “hi.”

Leo looked at her, and pointed to his couch. Melissa took her time walking to it because she wanted him to watch and understand what she was offering him. Leo walked on and sat on the couch opposite her. He continued taking his milk.
Melissa watched him. Leo knew she was watching- but there was nothing appealing about her anymore. She was a bad day. She was this dark cloud that would rain on him, or worse off stir up a storm.

“What have you planned for today Leo?”
“I’m looking forward to some sleep.”
“Great, maybe I can join you…what do you say?”
“I want some peaceful sleep. No thanks.”

“Is that all?”
“No, I came to see you and if you need sleep, then I guess that’s just it. How have you been?”
“Great, thanks.”
“I see…so we are back to the less than three words answers?” “Maybe.”

“Leo, what have I done to make you cold?”
“It’s not nothing…I have done something to make you treat me like this. Tell me.”
“I have.”
“What do you want?”
“I want you to leave.”

“Now? Are you breaking up with me?”

“No, I am setting you free. Now, go and don’t come back.”


“Don’t call, text or send your friends to try and change my mind. Thank you for taking your time with me, and Melissa- any man can get any woman he sets his mind to. You don’t have to entice me to make your intentions known. You are beautiful, and very appealing but don’t use your body as a card or a move to be played to earn your way. You’ll find some guy who will accept all you do. Now, get going and start looking. I have three weeks sleep to catch up on.”

Melissa looked at the open door and the man who was holding and she suddenly felt disgusted by him.
She walked straight past him into the hallway and down the stairs afraid to look back.

Caroline could have him.

She could have all the love, but as she got to the gate she felt as though she will never feel the love with any man.

It’s High Time

Leo knocked on Eddie’s door at 11pm.

He knew his friend was home because his lights were on- and he hoped he wasn’t entertaining because nothing displeased him as walking in on a make-out session. He’d been going through this with Eddie ever since the new squeeze- Leah- walked into his life.

"What do you want at this time of the night Leo?"

"Good to see you too Eddie, now can I come in?"

"This is why I didn’t want to live near you. You think you can just knock on my door at night and I will welcome you."

"Are you with Leah?"


"Are you with someone?"


"Then, let me in."

Eddie swung open the door and bowed. Leo looked at him and headed straight for the fridge.


"I’m out."

"Whiskey…anything bitter?"

"I’m out Leo. What’s with the sudden desire to drown yourself in bitter liquids? The witch got to you, uh?"


"Who did?"

"I did."

"Wait, I think I have something you would like."

Eddie rushed into his bedroom and came back with a bottle of Jameson. Leo smiled at him and reached out for one bottle.


"So…things have gone to hell."

"Hell stinks."

"Drink! You’ll be good."

"You’re a life saver."

Eddie watched Leo drink up and felt as though in their moment of silence his friend had told him everything he needed to know. The witch would not be allowed anywhere near him. It felt as though things were finally looking up for both of them.

Read a book, will you?

I don’t trust You.

Melissa felt good having spent the weekend with Leo, and she couldn’t wait to tell Caroline all about it.

It was thanks to her friend- that she met Leo.

She wanted to see the look on Caroline’s face when she finally told him that she knew things were serious between her and Leo. Caroline was still single and looking to find a man. It was desperate of her. Melissa could not deny that a part of her liked watching her friend get a taste of her own medicine.

She was being honest about it.

Caroline was a good friend.

She was also the worst kind of pain anyone could have. She couldn’t however deny the fact that she loved her for it.

She knocked on Caroline’s door.

She looked around. It was a posh place. The neighbors were wealthy people, maybe that’s why her friend had invested in the studio apartment. All the same…it was a lovely place.

The door opened revealing a very brightly clad Caroline.

"Hey! You are just on time, come on in, we soo have to go shopping. I am going to Toy, do you want to come along?"


"Yes, Melissa. Come on in and let’s talk first."

"Okay…so, why are you in a good mood?"

"I got a promotion at work this week and I want to look great, so I am going shopping. And you, why are you here?"

"I wanted to talk to you about Leo."

"What did you do?"

"Nothing! Must I be in trouble to come to you?"

"It feels like it, so tell me…are you happy with him?"

"Yes! He’s such a loaded guy! I mean, he treats me well, and is sweet and all."

"Okay, we all know Leo has money. He earns it, but let’s be honest…aside from the money do you really like him?"

"Yes, what’s not to like?"

"Do your really know him? When was the last time you talked to him?"

"Okay, what’s it with the questions?"

"I just want to know if you understand what you are getting yourself into."

"And what would that be Miss Perfect?"

"Don’t catch feelings now! If you are happy then that’s all that matters I guess."

"Caroline…that’s not it, what do you think?"

"You won’t like it."

"I know, but I would rather you tell me to my face than talk about it with someone else."

"Leo’s a good guy. If he treats you right, you should do the same. I mean, we were very close once Melissa- and I know you. You love attention and money, but that’s not all that Leo is offering you. Gosh, look at me! I am single and getting older and there’s no man here in Nairobi comes close as even being my friend, but Leo is. He’s one of the good guys, and trust me…they are hard to find. If you treat him like all the pathetic guys have treated you before, then you will lose him. And this time, for good."

"Do you love him?"

Caroline looked at Melissa.

Her friend was like a vacuum for the first time. How could she ask that of her? Her and Leo?


"Why did you have to think about it?"

"Why did you have to ask it?"

"I don’t trust you Caroline." Melissa stood up and saw herself to the door. Her last words hang in the air like a plague. Caroline chewed on her finger nails afraid that she’d been caught telling a lie, but why did it feel true?

Read a book, will you?

Love is Patient, Love is Kind…What are You?

Leo woke up with a headache.

The client didn’t like the logo they had designed. He remembered the man raising his hands to reveal fat fingers- and asking for something that grips people’s attention. He wanted pomp and glamor and the suggestions he made went against everything he knew as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director.

He wanted bright colors. "How about some green and yellow?"

Leo winced at this. Eddie having had enough had excused himself to answer a non-existent phone call. Leo had the patience, Eddie had the charm.

The man had completely written off a month’s work as though it were nothing!

But, that was not the only source of his headache. He had set things rolling with Melissa. He had made his intentions clear- but she was different. She scorched and froze. He would call and they could talk for hours on end, and she’d be cheerful. There were times, like the one he was in, when she would not call or talk to him for days.

It was as though he was on stand-by.

Eddie had seen it.

Caroline had talked about it.

He had ignored it, but truth was- he’d not heard from her for a week. What kind of couple did not communicate in a week?

He could see his friend fight his words and the desire to shake him up everyday. Now that he’s seen it all…just how patient could a man be? How could he sit back and wait, hoping that the lady who owns his heart would see it and appreciate him? He remembered something he’d told Eddie once while at Campus, "if she doesn’t appreciate you, leave her."

Could he walk away?

I mean…he could simply let it be.

He looked at his phone and thought of how easy it would be to call it quits. He wasn’t that kind of guy. He’d not break up with her via text.

He would tell her to her face when they met…if they ever met.

Read a book, will you?

The Unseen

For three weeks Eddie watched Leo transform.

It should have been spread over 21 days, but seeing him…it was more like an ignition! He was ablaze and he burned bright when that witch called or availed herself.

Eddie watched Leo.

His eyes were fixed on him, as though he were a broken tool. Maybe he was. Maybe. Just maybe, he would see right through the witch.

He didn’t normally dislike people, but with this girl- it was a given!

He loathed her down to his bone marrow. He didn’t want to fight about it with Leo. It’s just…something about her stunk! If there was a word like stunk…then it did. At the mention of her name, everything would go to hell in him.

She was poison- but his friend didn’t seem to mind biting the apple.

Eddie needed a drink. He drank every time he thought about the witch.

Was she the one?

Was she the one six years ago, or was she just a reminder of his time in hell?

You know…there were girls made for guys like Leo. They were honest and sweet girls, the kind you’d take to your parents and they’d not mind helping your mother set the table, and get some food ready. They would also dress appropriately and you would not find them laughing like hyenas in bars at night, or twerking up against some guy in a club with a bottle of Smirnoff Black Ice in their hand.

Then…there were girls like Melissa! The witch!

They were evil…and you’d not know what kind of evil until they unleashed it.

Be Careful Leo.

Eddie sighed as Leo typed their new proposal.He made a low sound as though he were tired of Leo’s typing and consistent editing of what was before them.

It had been two weeks since Melissa’s meltdown at their office.

His best friend and money making partner had allowed the chick to send streams of salty water on his shirt. It was a shirt, and when Leo left the board room, he looked like someone had poured water on him using straws.

He had not told Eddie what had caused the witch to cry, but judging by the sound of her sobs- that must have been something major.

He knew it was not his problem, but not knowing about it bothered him.

"What’s your problem Eddie?"


"Eddie, if you make one more sound, we’ll have a problem."

"Be careful bro!"

"Why? Have I missed something in this proposal?"

"No, I’m just saying you know…be careful, you mean I can’t just ask you to be on the look out?"


"Well, I am."


"You are welcome."

Leo went back to typing, and Eddie stood before him and sighed. He saved the document, and looked up at his puffy friend.

"You want to know about Melissa."


"You want to know why Melissa was crying the last time she came here."


"I insulted her."

"That’s a lie. No chick would cry when you insult her, this is Nairobi, they girls here are tougher than nails."

"You asked, and I told you what happened- if you don’t believe me, that’s your problem."

"Leo, are you serious about this witch?"

"Are you serious about your Leah?"

"We are adults."

"Aren’t you amazed that I would call your squeeze by her name yet you choose to call Melissa a witch simply because she reminds you of how you messed up with Caroline?"

"Hey! Don’t catch feelings- in fact write that proposal, and let’s get out of here."

"Thank you!"

Eddie walked back to his desk, then turned to look at Leo.

If only his best friend knew half the truth, then…he’d be better off single!