Meet Leo

Leo walked to work every morning. He would have his earphones on, and listen to Classic Fm. He never laughed about the sorry state that was ‘dating in Nairobi.’ He knew that he was doomed to find true love. He had enough time to interact with people, but he never saw it coming. Leo was the third of five siblings, and a stubborn child as both nature and nurture would have it. His parents had to bail him out on many occasions in high school for misconduct, and they never ceased to remind him of that. Leo loved them. He tolerated his siblings but got on well with his friends. As a Graphic Designer and Copywriter he could take anything and create a whole new world of it. At twenty seven, he had a good financial status, a great job, wonderful friends but no girlfriend. He could develop excellent animations but could not for the life of him hold a conversation with a girl. He had success on campus thanks to his friends, the short brown bottles from East African Breweries Limited, but now that he shunned them- he didn’t have anything going for him. So, he listened to Classic Fm every morning- he wallowed in the dilemma of men and women in relationships and was relieved to know he wasn’t alone.

When he got to the office, Eddie- his best friend who understood the function of his vocal chords- waved at him. “Hey, it’s good you’re here, I need help.” Leo took off his jacket, and set his laptop on the desk, then smiled at him. “Good morning to you too Eddie.”

“Good, listen! There’s this wedding I have to attend, see, it’s my cousin who is getting married, and it seems like I have to represent my parents and all, and you are coming with me. It’s at Brackenhurst in Limuru, we leave at 11am. Look sharp.”

“No thanks, I hate wedding receptions. I do however have a meeting with a representative from Matter Hospital- you do recall the new CSR campaign they have right?”

“Yes, well, they called to postpone that meeting. I know you hate wedding receptions, but you need to get some.”

“Get what Eddie?”

“Some conversation going on with the opposite species, also known as women!”

“I do, I talk to you don’t I?”

“I am genetically structured like you Leo- but socially fit, unlike you who cannot even stand the scent of a woman, besides this is Nairobi, how many chiles would throw themselves at a rich young man- whose looks are worth a photo moment? Come, we’ll have fun.”

“I am not paying for your drinks or gas. And do not expect me to go in your Vitz.”

“Hey, stop hating- that’s my Sister’s car, at least I don’t get rained on at times- the weather here is unpredictable just like Caroline.”

“Don’t tell me Eddie, I have a lot of work to do.” But Eddie sat on his desk and started “can you imagine she feels as though I don’t love her anymore?”

“Eddie, I am not your psychotherapist!”

“Psycho what? Listen, I need a rational person here, and you seem to fit the role, so, she says that I don’t compliment her anymore or get excited about seeing her like I used to.”

“How long have you two been suffering?”

“By suffering, you mean dating? It’s been six months. It’s forever!”

“What do you have in mind for her? I mean where does she fit in your life- apart from the pleasures-and please spare me the details, what do you like about her?”

“Thanks, Dr. Love, get back to work now- there’s a lot we need to do, and maybe I’ll think about Caroline, I swear this girl will be the death of me!”

Leo watched Eddie walk back to his desk and smile. Eddie always said that the one quality he had was his ability to talk. He was the only boy among seven girls and this gave him his ammunition. He could gossip with girls, understand their guy issues and give advice. If there was any guy in Nairobi who had more female friends than Eddie, Leo knew he’d be either sick or plain demented. He opened his top left drawer to get his daily planner- and saw the invitation cards. When he looked up Eddie was smiling at him.

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